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Comprehensive Safety Analysis

What does CSA mean to you?

The Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) is the standard in the Motor Carrier Industry. CSA replaces current and formerly used SafeStat with a new Safety Measurement System (SMS) that measures the previous two years of roadside violations and crash data. With SMS, every inspection counts, not just out-of-service violations, and both driver and carrier safety performance are monitored.

Within the CSA Operational Model, the Safety Measurement System (SMS) quantifies the on-road safety performance of carriers and drivers to identify those carriers and drivers for interventions, to determine the specific safety related issues exhibited by a carrier or driver, and to monitor whether safety problems are improving or getting worse.

CSA Basics

1.Organized into 7 “Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs)
•Unsafe Driving – Speeding, Lane Changes, etc
•Fatigued Driving – Hours of Service
•Driver Fitness – Medical Cards, CDL requirements
•Crash History
•Vehicle Maintenance
• Hazardous Material (HM) Compliance
•Controlled Substance – Alcohol
2. Used to identify a motor carriers safety issues, prioritize carriers for intervention, as well as support the safesty investigators decisions
3. Uses all safety-based violations discovered during roadside inspections, putting greater emphasis on a carriers on-road performance
4. Used to determine a carriers safety fitness and to assign a safety rating
5. Each violation is assigned a weight based on the level of risk shown for that violation
6. Assesses both the carriers and individual drivers – a two system approach.

TSCI is “In-the-Know”

TSCI offers CSA training and education to both carriers and drivers alike. TSCI can structure a safety program based on the wants and needs of your company. TSCI would like to thank the FMSCA for some of the information provided on this page.

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