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Truckers Against Trafficking – “TAT” Required Training for CDL holders


There are mandates that are coming down from a Federal Level and being enforced on a state level concerning Truckers Against Trafficking otherwise known as TAT.

You will need to check with your CDL holding state for specific requirements, but there are quite a few states on board with what the state of Kansas is now requiring.

Kansas – Starting July 1, 2018 any CDL holder wanting to obtain their CDL for the first time or those individuals wanting to renew their CDL license must have completed an online video training and test regarding TAT training.  Drivers must bring a copy of the completed certificate with them at the time for their CDL license renewal.

We have researched for a listing of states who are similar to Kansas, but have not located one as of yet, so please have your drivers check with their CDL holding state for specific requirements of that state.

Here is an excerpt from the state of Kansas:


Thanks to legislation passed last year in Kansas, drivers who want to receive a CDL or renew their existing CDL will now be expected to undergo Truckers Against Trafficking training.

According to TAT, at any given time there are more truck drivers on our nation’s roads than there are law enforcement officers. Because of their numbers, truck drivers can be the “watchdogs” out there on our U.S. roads and highways.

By participating in this training, the trucking industry could be a major component in fighting against the human trafficking industry because they would be better equipped to recognize the signs.

According to TAT, nearly 500,000 trucking industry members have undergone training.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline has received more than 1900 calls from truckers. More than 500 cases of potential human trafficking instances have been identified. Around 1008 potential victims were identified thanks to this training.

Because they can be trained to recognize the signs and report human trafficking, Truck drivers who undergo this course will continue to help save lives, according to TAT.

“If every driver, prior to hitting the road, had this life-saving information and training, imagine how many more calls will be made,” TAT said. “Imagine how many victims will be recovered out of this horrible reality, and how many perpetrators will be arrested.”

You can find more information about this organization and also the required training at:

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